Summer Course Package for High School students 2016


A special package for High School students. Learn Bahasa Indonesia in a fun and effective way. Study Bahasa Indonesia in the class in the morning and conduct out door activities to practice the language in the afternoon.

This package offers various fun and challenging activities for high school students such as visit to historical venues: the Sultan Palace and Taman Sari water castle, excursion to traditional market with an assignment to buy ingredients, cooking class, batik and traditional dance practice and performance, in and out class activities with Indonesian peers  and many more.

To provide  a general understanding and experience on how religion influence young people’s life in Indonesia, during the program the students will visit a Madrasa Boarding School where they can interact with their Indonesian peers at the Islamic based boarding school.

Our experienced teachers will accompany the students in all of the activities. The teachers will encourage the students to practice their Bahasa Indonesia and at the same time help them better communicate with Indonesian natives.

This package is flexible to be tailored to suit your budget, time and learning goals. Please contact our Course Coordinator at should you require specific package arrangement.

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