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In addition to the stock text books, Realia also develop tailored text books for specific learners. The tailored text books are purposely made to meet the learners’ unique requirements and objectives in studying Bahasa Indonesia. Using the tailored text books, the learning process will be much quicker and more effective because the learners are only exposed to vocabularies, terminologies and sentence structures specifically selected in accordance with their learning purpose, requirements and objectives.

We develop each of the tailored text books by using the stock text books as the framework. Based on this framework, selected vocabularies, sentence structures, idiomatic constructions and grammatical items are then composed and made into a handy book with various topics and activities suitable to the learners’ learning objectives.

The learning activities designed in the tailored text books are also specifically made to represent the actual activities the learners are likely going to encounter in their work place or daily situation, thus making them more prepared in dealing with people and issues in their new environment.

Some of the tailored text books are resulted from cooperation between Realia and our clients. The clients provide us with information on the activities, vocabularies, terminologies and issues they likely encounter in their workplace or daily life, and we tailor a book based on the information.

If you are interested to have a book specifically tailored for your organization or institution to be used for Bahasa Indonesia Course Program at Realia, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Below are some of our tailored text books and their features.

Buku Rumah Tangga (Domestic Book)

Buku Rumah Tangga

Suitable for those who spend most of their time dealing with domestic issues at home, this book is specifically designed to be practical and effective in use. With 10 chapters that include the topics of greetings, introduction, shopping, domestic chores, ordering food, making plans, asking/giving directions, simple comparison, making choices and asking/giving suggestions, this book provides the most common vocabularies, terminologies, and sentence structures used in daily domestic situation.

Together with the teacher, the learners will explore the practical vocabularies and terminologies to effectively communicate with Indonesian domestic staff, shop keeper, taxi driver, restaurant staff, etc. The activities also varied from, reading short passages, translating and practising simple imperative sentences, to conversation exercises. The learners will also learn how to clearly give order, give/ask for direction, perform simple bargaining and other domestic related activities.

Upon completing this book, it is expected that the learners will have more confident in communicating with their domestic staff at home and to deal with domestic issues occurred in their daily activities.

This book is designed for 60 hours intensive course , for more information on this book please contact us.

Buku Anak-Anak (Children Book)

Buku Anak

This book is suitable for children 3-10 years of age. The activities designed in this book are varied and flexible, giving the children the opportunity to study Bahasa Indonesia in a fun way in accordance with their ages and interests.
There are various topics covered in this book such as family, daily activity, day/ time, simple math calculation, asking for help and making choices. Using this book, the teacher will select the most appropriate activities for the children to explore the above topics in accordance to their ages and interests making the learning process an enjoyable adventure of language.

Some of our clients have taken an advantage of their study time at Realia by bringing along their spouses and children to study Bahasa Indonesia using our tailored text books. While the children learn Bahasa Indonesia using our Children Book, the spouse can also take a time to study the language using Domestic Book. A fun family package of language learning!


The Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYAD) Program aims to strengthen mutual understanding between Australia and the countries of Asia, the Pacific and Africa and make a positive contribution to development.
The Program achieves these aims by placing 400 skilled young Australians (18-30) on short-term assignments in developing countries in these regions every year. AYAD volunteers work with local counterparts in Host Organizations to achieve sustainable development outcomes through capacity building, skills transfer and institutional strengthening.


AYAD assignments cover a diverse range of sectors including Education, Environment, Gender, Governance, Health, Infrastructure, Rural Development and Trades.
The AYAD/VIDA book is specifically tailored for the young volunteers who are going to be placed in several organizations in Indonesia. Designed for 60 hours intensive Bahasa Indonesia course, it is equivalent to the beginner stock text book with vocabularies, sentence structures, phrases and activities made suitable to AYAD/VIDA issues and sectors.

To make the learning process effective and practical, the speaking, reading and translation exercises are combined into two major activities namely the general and work-related activities. In the general activities the teacher will guide the learners to use their Bahasa Indonesia in performing practical activities such as shopping , ordering food at a restaurant asking/giving direction, bargaining, etc. In the work-related activities, the learners are encouraged to use specific vocabularies, terminologies and sentence structures to make informal/informal introduction speeches, simple presentation on work related issues, comparing facts etc.

The 60 hours course program also include field trips to give the learners the experience to directly contact with Indonesians outside the learning venue. During the fieldtrips the teacher will give an assignment for the learners to complete. The assignment can take the form of interview with people around, collecting information on or observation of the visited venue. The selected venues to visit are also matched to AYAD/VIDA’s sectors such as health centers/ facility, community resident, historical sites, etc.

If you are interested to have a book specifically tailored for your organization or institution to be used for Bahasa Indonesia Course Program at Realia, please do not hesitate contact us.

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