BIPA (Indonesian Language for Foreign Speaker) TEACHING WORKSHOP FOR BEGINNER


On April 26-28, 2018 Central Java Balai Bahasa, a provincial government institution under the Ministry of Education, held a BIPA (Indonesian Language  for Foreign Speaker) teaching workshop for beginner in the city of Salatiga, Central Java. The three day training was attended by 50 participants from various backgrounds such as university lectures, academics, university students and teachers and also individuals who are interested in developing their skills in BIPA teachings.

Central Java Balai Bahasa invited Realia to be the speaker and trainer in the second day workshop session titled: BIPA SYLLABUS AND TEACHING PLAN DEVELOPMENT and EMPOLYING IT-BASED TEACHING AID TO TEACH BIPA.  For this purpose, Realia sent two of its senior trainers to provide the one day training session.

Consisting of two main parts of sessions, the training began with a presentation on how Realia develops its student based syllabus, including how Realia custom tailored various syllabi based on CEFR standard. Also presented in this session are important steps that should be taken into consideration when tailoring a student based syllabus including how to avoid creating a complex yet  inapplicable syllabus and teaching plan.

The session was then continued with case studies and syllabus making simulation. The participants were divided in small groups and each group was ‘given’ a student(s), with specific background and learning goals. Each group was then tasked to develop a student based syllabus by employing the previously given methods.  Each syllabus was then shared to and discussed with other participants to learn the best practice in creating a student based syllabus.

In the second session of the day, the participants were introduced to various teaching aids including IT-based teaching aids and how to employ teaching aids to support BIPA teaching. The trainer also guided the participants to create teaching aids from anything that they can find in their daily life that varies from papers, plants, office tools, kid toys, smartphone, laptop, etc.  In addition to creating teaching aids, the participants were also given the task to create a lesson plan for one session of BIPA teaching that uses a short movie clip as a learning media.

The training went very well and we were pleased by the participants’ enthusiasm in learning and trying different methods of BIPA teaching despite the fact that some of them were new to BIPA and BIPA teaching. We highly appreciate their efforts to learn new methods and share BIPA teaching experiences.

We would like to thank Central Java Balai Bahasa for inviting Realia to become one of the speakers in their program and we hope that Realia and  Central Java Balai Bahasa can continue the partnership in the future.

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