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Since 2017 Realia has work together with the Faculty of Medicine Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta in providing Bahasa Indonesia training for the International Class students. The Bahasa Indonesia trainings are held at  Realia campus  as a part of the initial program phase before the students take regular classes at UGM.

Realia designs specific syllabus for this program that include both in-class and out-class activities. The teaching materials are tailored to meet the specific needs of the medical students and all language skills are covered with various activities to do both in the in-class and out-class sessions.  Our main objective here is to make sure that the students gain enough confidence to speak Bahasa Indonesia in their daily activities after they finish their training at Realia.

In addition to language, the syllabus also incorporates useful cultural knowledge such as Indonesian manners, habits, as well as cultural notes for the “dos” and the “don’ts” that are commonly practiced in Indonesia.  In this way the students are exposed not only to Bahasa Indonesia as  a language, they are also trained to be more cultural sensitive persons as cultural sensitivity also plays an important role in communications.

For the out-class activity, the students visited YAKKUM an organization that support people with disabilities  to see its works in empowering people with disabilities. In addition to the discussion session, the students also meet and interact with YAKKUM’s workers while visiting the workshops, craft center and other supporting facilities. For more information about YAKKUM please click here:

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As the final task of the training, each student is assigned to make a presentation with topics of their choice. The presentation are held at Realia attended by Realia’s other students and teachers.

At the end of the program, to give the firsthand experience of interaction with the locals, a live-in session is conducted. This year the live-in session is held in Kebondalem village, Magelang. Participated by the international class students, Realia’s staff and teacher and UGM Medical faculty’s staffs and lecturers, the live-in program was held in various activities such as cycling through the village, visiting temple and craft producers, playing gamelan orchestra and of course staying at the locals’ house to experience the real interaction with Indonesian locals.


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